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Friday, August 19, 2011

Drug Endangered Children - An Update

As if to illustrate the point that care needs to be taken to properly consider whether children are at risk from parental drug use, the New York Times has a most interesting story on how New York may well over react and handle the same issue of small amounts of marijuana very differently from California.

What matters here is that the cases are being considered on perhaps the wrong grounds - i.e. a political statement about illegal drug use as opposed to considering alternative approaches that may better serve the interest of the children. It is hard to argue that in the circumstances reported by the New York Times that the outcome is serving that interest.

See the NYT article here:

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  1. Why have you created such an excellent blog?
    70% of children in state custody and adopted are on psychoptic drugs. For additional funding and for medicaid medicare. Think.
    Bob Dylan and WAYLON for president, POT is good, the massive sales for pharma drugs is what is in my neighbor hood, selmas and oxycotton 5 bucks a pill. get a life. the stress and lack of social connection is driving people to do wrong, ALSO the school and workd a day world the government has taught us to reward ourselves by 'getting high' it is not what people WANT to do, people want to be doing something they can see accomplishment and people want to be heard respected understood, people want to feel safe. Jon stewart is for pot so is bill mahr so is jim hightower