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Monday, June 18, 2012

Assessing parent in drug manufacturing cases

Two colleagues and I have just published an article on assessing parents for child welfare in drug manufacturing cases.

Child protection services frequently become involved with families engaging in substance abuse, and addiction, with a growing presence of drug manufacturing as an important component of the case. Assessors are called upon to consider how this impacts parenting capacity. However, while there are many protocols for assessing substance abuse and dependency, little attention has been paid to how to consider drug manufacturing and parenting capacity. The authors suggest a protocol that will guide assessors on determining the level of risk for children and the impact drug manufacturing may be having on parenting.
The article is published in the Michigan Child Welfare Law Journal in the Spring 2012 issue. It can be found at this link


Choate, P., Harland, D. & McKenzie, A. (2012). Assessing parents for child protection in drug manufacturing cases. Michigan Child Welfare Law Journal, 14 (3), 10-19.

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