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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rape from two powerful perspectives

Friends in India at the Tulir Centre for Prevention and Healing of Sexual Abuse brought two stories to my attention. In the first one, American filmmaker Sandi Higgins tells the story of being raped at an ashram in Mumbai.

The video can be seen here. It is a powerful, first person account.

In the second story, Ruben Rosario tells the very personal story of being a victim of sexual abuse. It too is a very powerful first person account published in the New York Daily Record.

These stories need to be told as inter personal violence remains an epidemic throughout the world. It comes in many forms - bullying, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, pornography - to name a few. This is a child protection issue as many victims are children, as Rosario describes. Many children will be exposed.

I hope that you take a few moments to review these two first person accounts.

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